By sorehead - / Wednesday 13 July 2011 16:02 / Canada
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By  Snowble11  |  13

Ass can really catch our eye

  futtbuck101  |  1

Damn must've been a nice ass. I'd smang it.


Your girlfriend sounds like a bitch since she didnt warn you about the pole. She knew it was coming because she was walking besides you, while holding hands.

  Carpy  |  8

YDI Dumbass. If you weren't with your girlfriend then this might be acceptable to laugh it off but now that could make her feel like shit. If you wanna keep your girlfriend you better pay full attention to her instead of always thinking with your dick.

  derper71  |  3

was it big?


To all the people who say YDI: I agree and disagree. Everyone looks at hot people of the other sex, so he shouldn't deserve it for glancing. But for staring so fucking intense, intense enough to not notice you surroundings, now that's to far and he totally deserved it. O and 72, I wouldn't use that wording xD. "Another bitch" Sounds like your calling yourself the "Bitch" that he supposed to be looking at haha.

  dolphincheddar  |  10

she's trying to look attractive in a picture you moron. please amuse me. I'm sure in every picture you don't purposefully try to look like an idiot. most people like to look good? and also, I love how your comment has nothing to do with this fml or 96's comment but instead is just picking on a young girl for your own insecurity.. grow up little boy

  OkayImSorry  |  0

^ Well bro. Actually believe it or not I am not insecure about myself in any way. Well nothing that I can think of now. I don't try to look good either. I honestly don't care what others think about my appearance. Please inform me of how I was picking on her. I was poking fun at a picture she posted. Never once did I say she was ugly or stupid or anything. I tried to say that everyone could tell she was sucking in and it didn't hide anything. If you aren't secure with your body either change it or man up and accept it. Why on earth would I do that to someone else if I was insecure? Oh and I didn't notice your bitch ass reference the Fml either Brotha.

  OkayImSorry  |  0

Awh it was offensive? I'm so sorry. Because things in the real world aren't offensive at all and everyone is sheltered from hatred. Holy shit. You my friend need to mature a little bit. I don't think you understood. I don't give a rats ass about any one of you guys. If you take offense to something I suggest you just man the fuck up.

  OkayImSorry  |  0

Okay. Yes. I was really born in '83... haha. Sike. If I was 28 you really think I'd be spending time on this thing. Font believe everything you read on the Internet.

By  forest1wolf  |  9

Lolol it happens.. well not really xD

  alicedbt  |  0

who do you think?

  imustbeinsane  |  2

lol first one then the other

  wowlol727  |  0

lol cant blame a man for wantin some ass :D

By  Freeze_fml  |  16

Well aren't you a douchebag.

  fthku  |  13

Yeah, he stared at some girl. What a douchebag.
What if OP and his girlfriend have an open relationship? what if OP's girlfriend doesn't mind him staring at all, and she does it as well?
Many, many possibilities we can't know.
He did deserve it, he's an idiot for just walking without looking where he's going, but enough with your judgmental, self-righteous comments. People here sometimes act as if they never made a mistake.

I find it funny how some really *serious* FML stories get less than half the number of votes, than FML stories where a male OP is being a dumbass. It's like certain people on FML just wait for those stories so they can jump and hit YDI.

  Jf770  |  10

I agree he is a douche bag. A relationship means your off the market, and no one has the right to flirt or look sexually at you Or you at someone else ._.

  SaniK  |  17

You girls have so much backward logic, if a hot guy came up and complimented you, you would be Lying to yourself if you would be flattered or feel good, it's the same for is when looking at an attractive girl. Dr drew even pointed out the same thing.

  TheRealStunts  |  27

Well arent you the perfect little shit?
Dont tell me you also dont watch porn when in a relationship -__- or wait let me guess. You block any and all members of the opposite sex altogether.

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