By WetWalking / Thursday 21 March 2013 13:31 / United States - Tyler
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  McAninch35  |  9

I love people

  gotaplanstan  |  28

I loving hate myself for people!


  Jac_d_ipper  |  10

I love myself for hating people who hate themselves for ruining the threads of all loving people who love hating people and who hate loving people and also who hate themselves for loving the hating people...whoosh

  Success4444  |  12

29, your comment is sad, and your picture is sad. Combined, you almost made me shed a tear!

By  Stalkerloo  |  11

Gotta love our Southern hospitality here in Texas. I'm sorry OP, quite a few of us Texans aren't very nice. Warm up as soon as you can though, don't want to get sick.

By  Teyros  |  24

Maybe he's just looking out for you, pushing you to reach your point faster. Just forget he called you an ass though. >.>

  DocBastard  |  38

Wow, you must be Super Assumer - the superhero that's able to leap to giant stupid conclusions in a single bound. Did you really just compare a simple asshole to Hitler?

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