By EmBAREassed - / Friday 31 July 2009 13:43 / United States
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  katsoplat  |  0

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  humorizer  |  14

I'm confused... First you were happy that perverts were staring at you. But then you were sad when you realized that perverts were staring at you... What gives?

  spoo  |  23

WTF is wrong with you for thinking its a problem to wear see through with a thong? You are into sharing, and into being attractive... Just let us know next time so we can come be entertained as well

By  NonImmigrant  |  0

By  nu_fml  |  0

Know the feel, I've had two incidents "ouh, this top looks good" and then go outside and the world can see my breasts :3 Luckily I had a coat both times. Just know they were looking cause you're probably hot

By  wakingzombies  |  0

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By  Boudica  |  0

Rules of outfits: Make sure they're not see through, and if they are get a slip Make sure that if you need to run like hell, that the girls don't bail out of the dress from the action.

  Capn  |  0

Because EVERYONE owns bright powerful fluorescent lighting in their homes... its not uncommon for the change of lighting to have a completely different effect on clothing. Its still a YDI though because someone should know whether or not their clothing is thin. She obviously bought it somewhere with bright lighting (Wal-Mart probably) and then forgot about how it looks? I just lawl at the OP

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