By PeterRabit - / Saturday 25 July 2009 15:11 / Canada
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...nice. Those kids sound like pricks though. Maybe those reflexes could earn you the position of their goalie?

YDI for trying to teach them a lesson the wrong way. I'd suggest returning the ball politely and then either call their parents or just bust the shit out of them.


And get sent to jail for child abuse? I think not. I think what he did was the best way to teach them. Or he could kick it back at the person who kicked it at him. Hard.


You could throw one of your foot at one of them in the balls and say "Oops, I slipped." No jail time, all good.

Watch where you're aiming next time man. I would of kick it straight back at them if they weren't little kids. See how they like a face full of soccer ball lol


its not an analogy. It means it hit a tree and bounced back at him. That's what "ricochet" means.

today i kicked a ball at some guy. he tried to kick it far away, but he hit a tree and ended up crying on the ground. mylifeisaverage


So your saying just keep walking after a ball almost nails you in the head, and do nothing back? Screw that!

Well done. Those kids are stupid for being so obvious though. Sometimes before games my friens and I try to peg people walking behind the net. Kind of entertaining.


Hahahahaha me and my friends do that at lacrosse! We intentionly miss the ball so it will hit people walking by on the feet. It gets them so mad

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