By Anonymous - / Thursday 29 November 2012 00:57 / Canada
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I'm a nurse and it's usual to find one that tells you everything because the majority of them are really scared when they are sick. Good for this one, she can get all the help she needs because she's verbal.


I'm such a sucker for older people.. they could be telling me the most horrifying story and I'd still be right there, wanting to leave, but not being able to because my brain would be like, "What if s/he is lonely and has nobody else to talk to? You could be making their day by just smiling and nodding... SUCK IT UP!" I once hung out with a WW2 vet all day that I met that morning at a bar because of that very reason. But it was a good day in the end :)

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Which is partially why I wear headphones in most public places, it helps deter strange conversations from stranger people.

Well that has to be one stitch of memory I bet you would like to forget. You should have cut her short before she got to detailed. Well I bet you'll be ripping your doctor for showing up late.

Oh lighten up OP, that's nothing. I had to listen to an elderly woman tell me about her sex life in the nursing home...in graphic detail. Let's just say you got the better deal.


Sex is pretty standard. Imagining what could have caused such injury to require stitches? Then the ripping of said stitches...*shudders* I'd take the sex talk.


14- No I didn't get paid. I was visiting an aunt at a nursing home and got stuck hearing about it.

just go to the bathroom and lock yourself in... when you come out sit in a corner without looking her though, cause she will have more subjects to discuss...

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