By slingerslasher / Tuesday 5 July 2016 19:09 / United States - New York
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  ThrottleJockey  |  33

You're both wrong; it's for those of us that hang extra low.

  tinytyler  |  12

I understand that girls and women don't understand it, but it's not like it's reserved for smaller people. It's used by everybody when the normal sized ones are being used

  Vlen_fml  |  20

it's meant for anyone who needs it, whether it be because of height, availability, or other reasons, I personally prefer to use the lower one because aiming lower reduces splashback (i'm also quite tall and have a strong flow rate so it's not an excuse for everyone)


Fuck that kid. I would have finished, picked him up, and sat him in the damn urinal. This is AMERICA.

  mattrd_fml  |  31

it wasnt a kid urinals. Some are higher than others but you aren't supposed to use any specific urinal. Kids typically use the stall or the lower urinals because they're short.

By  BoxFullOfLazy  |  25

Probably the guy was using the short urinal to maintain the one urinal buffer zone between each person using the urinals. Man up. That rude little kid could have waited his turn.

By  vaas90  |  19

So you had to stop peeing, switch urinals, and then finish? Sounds almost impossible. One does not simply stop peeing. Or did you just kinda jump from one urinal to the other while still peeing? lol

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