Today, I was trying to impress a very cute guy at a party by grinding up against him. During my very sexy choreography, I heard him say, “It feels like a slug rubbing against me.” FML

By setaleschausasses - / Sunday 26 December 2011 05:22 / Lebanon
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By  SpeakUpFYL  |  4

so this is the new world. Not even one date and I like you so let me grind up against you. Why not just offer him a BJ. I am so sure that will work.

  SpeakUpFYL  |  4

In the same vein of ~ so much for courtship and the art of seduction. Yes, I am quite aware of the prevalence of casual sex. Still, some things never change. Ninety percent of the time the woman is hoping for a relationship to emerge, even if it starts as casual sex. Nothing is less seductive, appealing or attractive than a woman just throwing herself at a man. Seduction is dance between TWO people, not one person throwing herself at a man. And he clearly was not interested.

By  i_wuz_nver_here  |  31

I really like slugs! But also I'm a straight girl so I probably wouldn't have liked it either

By  tranced_  |  41

the way I see it is, it's his loss ..

By  amsterdamgirl  |  20

well, nobody wants to hear that. Sorry. But why does it say during? you kept dancing after that? also grinding is not an opening move. you only do that if you already are flirting as a tease.


Boi, tell me what gentleman wouldn't enjoy a bodacious woman rubbing their body against his body like he's the pole at a strip club

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