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Why assume that because he's a "creepy", old man he is going to do something to you? He is probably doing the best he can to get you where you're supposed to be. YDI for not preparing yourself for foreign travel. Charge your phone, learn some key phrases and the address of where you'll be staying, study a map of the area, and have a decent bf who will meet you when you fly in or send someone for you.


Because every FML has to be 'today' so OP worded it so it would be in proper tense, even if it happened a while back.


Can't she use a 3G connection on her phone? Honestly guys, people need to stop assuming the worst all the time.


those need wifi, and I'm sure If she had a working iPod with magical wifi she couldve contacted her boyfriend.


I think "went flat" is like "lost service". Most likely when it was posted she wasn't really still in the cab but it makes for a more interesting FML. Come on guys... tell me you know most of these are either fabricated or occurred awhile back to the OPs friend or something.

This is made up...(how do you have internet but can't phone...? And of course, your first thing to do is to create an account at FML and post...) 1. If you'r new in Thailand, how do you have a compatible cell phone at the moment of arrival? Or why isn't your boyfriend there to pick you up? Why aren't you prepared with at least a piece of paper with the address? (that's an instant YDI by the way) 2. If you're NOT new in Thailand, why don't you at least speak a few words of Thai (instant YDI

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