By Gitana - / Sunday 22 April 2012 19:08 / Spain - Tafalla
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By  Hunthas  |  17

I feel your pain! The same thing happened to me but with raccoons :(

  perdix  |  29

#86, oh, you are such a n00b! Everyone who knows anything that the mirrors inside store raccoons are "fat mirrors" that add 20-30 lbs. Once you fight to get inside the angry procyonid, it sucks to feel shitty about yourself because of an optical illusion.

  perdix  |  29

#93, most of your better establishments have a changing beaver. Changing beavers have skinny mirrors in them, because they give a "dam" about how you look.

Next time you go to a clothing store, ask the saleslady if you can enter her beaver.

  808Boyo  |  4

I don't know why people think this perdix guy is funny. I feel dumber after reading his comments.

  ninjacapo  |  2

Its actually more genious of the theif because OP is unable to chase them down because she doesnt have pants on if she wont leave without pants and wont leave with the store's on because she will be stopped. Thusly, the theif makes a clean gettaway because the victem cannot pursue.

  KM96  |  24

True 113 - I dont think anyone would wish to chase the thief down half naked ! Or get chased after by an angry store manager thinking you stole their pants!

  drooller  |  9

Maybe she was wearing granny-pants, I mean it's embarrassing enough to chase someone while wearing Victoria secrect stuff let alone granny-pants, so she thought staying put will be a better option for her and her dignity :)

By  asianswag  |  6

That sucks.

  GODert  |  8

Because OP lives in Spain which this type of crime has been currently in the rise for there economic downturn. This why most of Europe is in the shit hole right now there type of welfare state for no taxes and so many people on pensions.


If she had expensive shoes, it's understandable. My ex-girlfriend got mugged a couple months ago in New York and they took her Uggs. She was heartbroken being stuck barefoot in NYC lol.

  KassiLouise  |  5

Or he was just a jerk simply trying to screw someone over because honestly, how is anyone able to walk out of a dressing room and into a public store barefoot and in their underwear??

  kyliebear  |  15

SWell, if OP was trying on pants as well, they could walk out with them on, but like, pull off the tag with the barcode and ask them to scan it there, because your pants were stolen?

By  xInwex  |  12

Ouch. Fyl. But how didn't you notice?

  xInwex  |  12

I sure as hell would burst out and stop the person stealing my stuff, I mean who just watches someone steal their things? I concluded the op didn't notice her stuff bring stolen...b/c who is that stupid not to stop the thief?

By  rainbowhobos  |  4

It could be worse. They could've taken your dignity or something. Or your shirt too.

  LolFMLnot  |  10

No, but there are cameras outside of the changing room, she can see who has her purse. Or even see who came in the changing room after her. Maybe only like 2 people did.

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