Today, I was travelling in a car. As I was discreetly picking my nose, we drove over a speed bump. It hurts. FML

By Soso96 - / Sunday 8 August 2010 23:20 / Algeria
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By  Rabite  |  23

In school they told us not to drink something while driving as a passenger since the driver could brake and we would get hit in the face with the bottle. Way to get paranoid but things like this kind of make it true D:


Today, I was walking down the train station steps, in no rush, as my train wasn't due to depart for another 10 minutes. I managed to trip down the last 5 steps and break my ankle. Oh, and I got to watch my train drive away. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 8 June 2017 12:06 / Australia
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