By working_as_usual - / Monday 8 October 2012 00:09 / United States - Valencia
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  FMLKitten  |  15

32- Damn, I didn't know girls were so easy. All it takes is a dozen roses to win our virginity? Suddenly not too glad to be a woman.

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

Actually in many states there is a minimum amount of time bosses must inform you of schedule changes and such. OP needs to check his laws out and see if he even has to show up.
Normally I'd advise just working, but when he is so obviously trying to get cheap tickets.. screw him.

  143dav  |  8

More like an asshole from the sounds of it :/ Unless you're a cold hearted capitalist of course.


13- You used a disappointment face. That means you know what a disappointment face looks like and how it would be used on the Internet. 5 used a disappointment face. Since 5 used a disappointment face, you should know that 5 was being facetious in an otherwise ironically false comment.

Check yoself befo' you wreck yoself.


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By  Airman1988  |  9

Find two of your friends who hate their bosses as well and draw up an elaborate plan to murder each other's boss but beware of Mother fucka Jones he is not to be trusted.

  JoeRogansBEARD  |  15

Yea I herd one night he went into his mothers room and she was sleeping there butt ass naked so he went up to her and... Stole the money out her purse. Mother fucker jones don't fuck with him

By  tygerarmy  |  35

Call in sick, go anyway!

Or if that'll get you fired, give it to family, friends or sell them on StubHub. Then using the least amount of tact possible while not getting in trouble tell your boss they're an asshole.

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