The illustrated FMLs

Today, I was teasing my boyfriend telling him that my butt was so much cuter than his and that at least mine wasn't smelly stinky or hairy. Then he said yeah, I just wish that your vag was the same way. FML

By FMluck - / Thursday 26 February 2009 22:11 / United States
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By  emmalover  |  0

u shud prob shave then

By  emmalover  |  0

u shud prob shave then

  Philosophic  |  0

I hate girls with nasty vag-hair. Get a frigging douchebag and a razor, and cut the frigging rug. That's just nasty.. YDI

  GiddyXD  |  0

soap it and cut gurrl!


ohh. nice. now i got blue waffle on my mind..thanks...

illustration is PERFECT. its an fml for both em. kris from explosm is AWESOME! best comic artist in history, easily...

anyone who disagrees can go fuck a cow and blow a bull.

By  demothe7  |  0

ya, shave that belt line mustache

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