By oxbbabexo - / Tuesday 14 April 2009 13:45 / United States
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  RyanKaufman  |  7

Ignore the comments saying you can't fall in love with someone you "don't know" I'm pretty sure unless you have a highly intelligent schitzofrenia, you can't perfectly make yourself act like someone else. If you could, you can do it in real life too. So there's always a chance to "not know someone" in real life and online. And that person sucks by the way. Lying in general is shit.


  ilyuhms  |  0

ha thats funny. but thats creepy cuz i use to live in chesterfield missouri and now i live in philly....the op lives in pa. hahaha i hope i met that 17 yr old gurl

  alliewillie  |  22

"I've fallen in love with him twice" and "one of them currently" makes you sound like 12 year old who falls in and out of "love" with different people that you (obviously) don't know on a weekly basis. Sad.

  AnwarK95  |  1

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By  ohdamn_fml  |  2

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By  fermata  |  0

I really doubt it's very possible to fall in love with someone whose face you've never seen and whose voice you've never heard. Nothing is impossible in the realm of love I guess, but really, not likely. Try to take a step back and look at yourself. What is it that's leading you to look for love from someone who has no physical presence in your life rather than actually looking for it in those around you? Is it "love", whatever that is, or is it just insecurity/loneliness?

  aspopstar3  |  7

If the op had seen or heard ""him I'm pretty sure she would have figured out that she was infact talking to a girl so stop trying to b a smart ass if u can't infer simple things

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