By traumatized - / Saturday 12 April 2014 18:07 / United States - Brooklyn
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  TheDrifter  |  23

But it's only wise to exercise that freedom when you're not going to be hanging around in the surrounding rooms for the next half hour. The door keeps the smell from spreading.

  Amoondris  |  17

I lock the door even if I am by myself in my house. Security is more important than looking at the carpet outside my door while I sit helplessly on the toilet.

By  sanecatlady  |  13

What is up with people discussing their bowel movements on this site as if it's casual dinnertime conversation?

  mld4657  |  28

Because shitting and even vomiting can be hilarious. Especially if you had pea soup for dinner and projectile vomit onto your wife whose taking a shit

  Rizzen  |  27

with his tongue?

By  auro7  |  18

Sounds like a shitty situation.. Anyone..?

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