By Kelli - / Saturday 28 August 2010 04:56 / United States
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  Sonfang  |  19

Umm it would have done you some good to take 5 minutes and research on the Internet that hamsters should not be given cotton balls, ever, for many reasons! I was told to give my own hamster cotton balls by someone who never had one before and I was worried about it so I googled it...You should have been more careful with someone elses pet. YDI for not looking it up and assuming, buy your friend a new hamster.

  bugmenotmofo  |  33

You goddamn retarded bitch, don't you know a fucking thing about hamsters? That's fucking why they use wood shavings as materials. F the Hamster's life and I hope that friend beats your ass to the ground.

  craphappened  |  4

Sorry smartblonde if you'd taken offence, if you haven't noticed, i only singled out the dumb blondes. From those blonde jokes. If you're smart, which you'd shown and stated very clearly and obviously in your username, you shouldn't be offended aye?

And whats this thing with the hair? Why should I be jealous of blonde hair? Why not the great figure or something else?

  bugmenotmofo  |  33

Fucking cuntbag, I never recall making a fucking colossal mistake that killed an animal! You're fucking NEVER supposed to do ANYTHING different with somebody else's animal outside of the routines they've already established for you.

But you've never worked a damn day in your life, so I guess I can go easy on a woman. :)

  Flutist  |  3

He is traumatized by the time he tried to have sex with one and his penis was too small to fit. After that, well, he has tried to make Sprinkles Von Loving, his russian hamster bride, love him again.


23: Rats are smarter, though, and have much more personality. Still, I prefer my ferrets-- they've got loads of personality, fluffy fur, cuddliness, and loyalty, can be litter trained, and provide endless entertainment. Plus, their long tails aren't creepy and bald. :]

And before I get da haterz, ferrets are not rodents, and with proper care and nutrition, they aren't half as stinky as their reputation says. I never thought I'd be a ferret lover, but they're great pets for the disabled (ie me), because they're fairly low-maintenance and have huge pet therapy potential. I <3 my ferrapists. :D

  TechnoTaco  |  0

Today, I was cleaning up the inside of my beautiful cage while my owner was out. Soon after his departure, his friend came in, stared at me for five minute and gave me cotton balls. I decided to try one thinking it was a friendly gesture for I did not know what they were. I died, FML.

  Arivus  |  0

Only specific breeds are, uh, "fluffy." There are also longhaired rats, but they're uncommon.

Rats live longer and have more personality than the one-track-mind biting hamster. They're also highly intelligent animals.

Personally, I think rats outweigh hamsters in the "cute" department.

  polarbare  |  0

They can't help the hamster's retarded. Most make a soft comfy bed outta that kinda stuff. hopefully their potential kids won't be retarded.

  hilda_kitty  |  16

7- FINALLY! Someone who sees my POV! Hamsters love soft things, and constantly use them to make their nest softer. How do I know this? I own a hamster. Flooly (my hamsters name) LOVES bed fluff, which is exactly like cotton balls, except they're larger, and weirder smelling. And besides, I give Flooly cotton balls all the time. She rips them apart, and then chucks it out of her cage.

OP, FYL. RIP your friend's hamster. 

  Intoxicunt  |  5

One big happy family!

You see, Pendatik, when a woman and another woman love each other('s bodies) very much, sometimes they "wrestle" and it's perfectly natural and especially hot. :D

Edit: I'm the Czarina and you're his baby-daddy.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Those are the things I ate in France! Thank you, Pendatik! I googled to make sure I knew what they were, and the pics answered my old question as to WTF I ate. I couldn't just google "Little crustacean-y thing" and get an accurate result.

So yes, prawns plz.

  FYLDeep  |  25

How did my first comment in a couple weeks turn into a conversation about porn? This is just despicable. What's wrong with you people? What happened to the harmless baby murder topic that started this all?

By  DivineGarden  |  0

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Today, there was a flood at my friends house. As a result, their cat shelter had to be evacuated, and my mother decided to help. I came home to 23 cats in my bedroom. I'm highly allergic. My face has now swollen up to the size of a football, and I have an important job interview tomorrow. FML

By FsuesLife / Friday 5 March 2010 22:02 / United Kingdom
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