By scaredshitless - / Friday 7 August 2009 04:11 / United States
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By  lolzRaptor  |  1

If it was a very serious shit, you would have not taken your mind off of such a serious excrement, therefore there would be no crying and no FML, so it obviously wasn't a serious shit, just a normal one.

  tarula  |  0

YDI for taking a shit

  FreeMSPoints  |  0

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  hibarisanstr  |  0

I got one word, and that word is, PUSSY!

  porp1  |  4

dyi, i mean, not to be a troll, but this situation probably never happened when you were midst the shit, unless you were flicking the lights back and fourth. Most lightbulbs completely burn after you turn them on, or after you flick them off. if it is on and has to burn, it would just get darker and darker over time, after about like 10 minutes it would burn. chances are, you would see the drastic change i the lighting, so, yeah

  DllnBro  |  0

yeah hes full of shit. bitch aint no captain of the varsity football team. why do ppl make up shit. theyre only funny if theyre believable

  GmanG  |  0

YDI... Being scared of the dark, when you're seventeen?? In your own house?!?! NOT EVEN AT NIGHT?! (I suggest the last thing, because his little brother wasn't sleeping)
If I'd be your brother - I would never... O fuck this! I would do the same thing!

P.S. LOL at #23

  Kiwi_Splash  |  0

You people are seriously ignorant and rude. He's lygophobic (fear of BEING in a dark place), doesn't mean he's afraid of night-time. A phobia is an extreme anxiety disorder towards simple or harmless things that cannot be controlled. This is actually very dangerous, and could be fatal if it got out of control. You guys are all assholes. "Ooh, he's afraid of the dark, he's a pussy", wtf? Stop being kids and grow up. So what if he's 17? A disorder is a disorder no matter how old or macho you are. I really sympathize with the OP for being put in a socially threatening position because of having to deal with idiots like most of the people here making a mockery out of him. I'm very sorry OP, I hope you seek help to ease the fear. Though it's a hard process, you can make it if you want to. Take care, and good luck. Please ignore what other people say, I'm sure many guys here are afraid of rats or insects or anything harmless. This is natural and normal, it's abnormal all the judgements you have to deal with, remember that.

  m1h1m  |  0

thank you! some one with a brain and heart...look i am scared of dark period. night or lights out. i watched way to many horror movies and i regret its...but for all of you calling him a pussy...i hope God smites you and gives you an anxiety worse than any other...you will be so scared i hope you shit in you pants..in public

  vyktor_fml  |  0

I agree with 174. I'm pretty sure this guy isn't a "pussy", because he plays football. If you're not scared of getting hit full force by men your size and bigger, you must not be scared easily. OP probably has a disorder and can't help that he doesn't like dark places. Also, like 174 said, every person making fun of OP probably has something they're terrified of as well. Maybe OP had a traumatic experience as a child that led to a fear of darkness... you never know. So get off OP's back about it.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Lol. Pussy.
Better that it comes out this way than you wailing and crying when making out with some chick in the dark.
The public humiliation from that would be far worse.


Yeah I was gonna say it's kinda harsh everyone calling him a pussy, but this is really pathetic. I'm a bit afraid of the dark too, but you don't see me wailing and crying just because I'm in a dark room.

OP, if you're THAT afraid of the dark, you need some kind of therapy or something. If your little brother shows everyone, just tell

By  lolzRaptor  |  1

If it was a very serious shit, you would have not taken your mind off of such a serious excrement, therefore there would be no crying and no FML, so it obviously wasn't a serious shit, just a normal one.

By  FrayedxD  |  0

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By  Arcterion  |  0

You, sir, are a fucking PUSSY.


  tac0609  |  13

I would like to introduce you to nyctophobia. The fear of the dark or of night. There's also other different varieties of phobias of the dark.

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