By Packageception - / Friday 10 August 2018 07:30 / United States - Janesville
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  joeyl1990  |  28

When I had AT&T I had a defective phone and they told me my options were to ship them my phone first and then they would ship me the new one or they could put a $600 hold on my credit card which would allow them to ship the new phone and then they would release the funds after the received the defective phone.

By  wrenthecat  |  6

I dont know what phone co you're using but something's not right here. first of all a replacement phone is usually overnighted and you send your broken phone back.

By  Charlie Given  |  13

Umm did ya call customer service and complain because it's usually sent with the return box, have dealt with several cell company's and they always did that when returning a phone.🤔

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