By Noname - / Thursday 12 March 2009 00:09 / United States
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Today, I went to fmylife.com to read about other people's screwed up lives only to find that half of the stories were fake and the other half people doing highly stupid things trying to get sympathy from internet strangers. FML

If you prefer yellow highlighters over blue, then why wouldn't you keep a yellow one at your house, and why would you even have a blue one in the first place. It's not the highlighters fault you ran a stop sign. It's yours. You running the stop sign has nothing to do with the highlights. That's just you being a careless drive.

Today, my roommate was playing 80's music, which pisses me off. So I killed him. Now I'm going up against murder charges. So, basically, I'm going to jail because I don't like 80's music. FML moron.

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