By orcatheseapanda - / Saturday 9 January 2016 05:14 / Thailand
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  ona16  |  22

Yea and when it comes to complaints like that. Makes me very cautious where I stand what I do. It takes on false claim to ruin your life.

  leogachi  |  15

@11 My parents taught me that stuff when I was first able to form complete sentences.


Today, I had to take my daughter to the ER. Her brother had bet she couldn't go the whole day without talking. So to win the bet, she tried to super-glue her lips together so she couldn't accidentally say anything. FML

By 1010110100101101 / Friday 19 June 2015 16:07 / United States - Fond Du Lac

Today, I bought a live lobster to have for dinner. When my four year old daughter discovered it in the cooler, she thanked me incessantly for finally getting her a pet. She now won't let "Mr. Shelly" out of her sight. FML

By meganmagee - / Monday 16 September 2013 18:47 / United States - Barnesville
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