By Anonymous / Sunday 4 August 2013 07:11 / United States - Vallejo
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  ViRepz  |  28

Unless OP is cryptonian, then he should have known better.

  ILoveMyArm  |  15

Although her condition is very sad,OP should certainly give her a piece of their mind. It seems she has gotten ahead of herself.

By  V4Vardy  |  8

At least you didn't laugh ather balance, and make a habit of littley pushing her while she's on one foot :p

By  wilsontws  |  18


By  badluckross  |  21

She was extremely rude. I hope you didn't get offended and say something rude back though. That'll get you nowhere.

By  perdix  |  29

Shoot back, "Well, I have foot-in-mouth disease and it's incurable!" if she doesn't laugh at that, ask if she had a humor tumor (while covering your balls.)

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