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I once went on a blind date with Megan fox, the date turned into us being chased by robotic toasters and waffle makers. thankfully we both had revealing clothes to keep people interested in the sub par plot... best first date ever!

  a_nutritionist  |  38

@46 some people simply dont like those who will berate them for an action they didnt do before finding out answers in the first place. personally, if i were her id ditch that idiot asap. itll mean avoiding someone who acts on impulse first, and asks questions later.

  Bombthreat907  |  38

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  Yorih  |  38

To be honest, as much as it does seem harsh on OP's side, he's not going to presume that the reason she hasn't shown is because of a car accident Don't pretend otherwise, 99% of you would also presume you had been stood up, and I'll be the first to raise my hand, I would presume that too

  chuck1986  |  19

he's probably blown it with her. She'd have to be pretty desperate to give him a second chance. it was also a blind date so that would be a pretty bold move which could also come off as desperate.

  Flutist  |  19

As nice as it sounds, I wouldn't date someone I didn't know who felt the way to treat someone is to yell at them first. In reality, it would be great to send her flowers as an apology but there is no way to prove he is a "nice guy" because he isn't. Nice guys tend to think the best of people and Op showed he is immature. I wouldn't date the guy who called me a horrible person and felt his "blind date" was more important than the safety of someone else. If someone doesn't show up to a planned date I usually assume something bad or important has happened. But Op obviously believes he is so important he gets to belittle people.

  Mitcha857  |  19

28 yea you're right i do respect women unless they'r conniving bitches who don't deserve respect. For example of this woman somehow was lying to OP and was just at home watching glee, then yes she's a major bitch but OP can take the opportunity from this make the situation better but it's all up to him

By  pinedo39  |  12

  raelynj24  |  12

ya know know when I am sitting in my car swerving and gliding around getting fucked up in the process with the possibility of a near death experience happening right before me the first thing I think is…geez I should really call my blind date to cancel

  pinedo39  |  12

  melissamoshh  |  17

Well, yes but any number of things could've happened. Unless I had seen the person out somewhere, online, etc. my first thought wouldn't be that I got stood up. It would be to text or call to make sure they're not lost, stuck in traffic, or had something come up unexpectantly.

  a_nutritionist  |  17

@11 no, but "my grandfather died" "i was called in for work and completely forgot to call" "im on my way, just got stuck in traffic" "my dog was hit by a car" "i fell asleep and didnt hear my alarm" "im at the same restaurant across town" "my house was on fire" "i got a flat tire" "i ate some dodgy chinese food" among others are all acceptable answers for being late for/missing an engagement. only an idiot would go nuts at someone they dont even know for being late before either attempting to clarify whats going on or making sure the person is ignoring them on purpose.

  Flutist  |  17

@11, I have had the same thing happen where someone stood me up. But I was understanding when he texted me to tell me why he was late. It was rather sad actually, he said "I was at the same restaurant across town. I realized my mistake but I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a guy walking his dog, turns out it was my long lost grandfather. I'm on my way but the cops know my car so I might have to lose them. To throw them off I lit a few houses on fire. I think I might be sick... not from guilt but because I ate some dodgy Chinese food." I still visit him in prison. :)

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