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halo is nerdy game your shooting blue aliens mw2 its more realistic in Halo you were a metal suit wtf is with that it would be way too heavy and you jump like your on trampoline is fucking retarted. im fucking 12 and my friends 6 year old brother thinks halo's gay


It's scifi. If you knew something about the background of the game, you would know that the devs know the suit is supposed to weight half a ton and accounted for it


Number 80 is so adorable when he tries to bash a game that takes place 500 years in the future. Unless he has been to the year 2500, then he cannot say whether or not halo is unrealistic. If you had told Columbus that people would fly around in giant metal birds and instantaneously talk to each other through invisible waves and watch moving pictures he would have said that you were not making any sense.


uhhh. FYL cause your fat. on a side note...YDI for being fat. know your weight and don't put all your weight on one surface without being certain it can hold your fat ass.

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