By UncleRory - / Saturday 16 May 2009 09:13 / United States
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oh chuck you farley, you and your whole famn damily can go buck a fuffalo and see is I shiv a git

We'll theoretically she would be MORE interested right? Women always want a gay friend... you can always explain your gaff later

Omg I do things like that all the time when I'm thinking of 2 words and then merge them together and it sounds retarded ahah (Y)


I usually scramble it and come up with things like, "gline of wass," or "bater of wottle." And upon attempts at correction, "wine of glass." It's horrendous.

Bloody brilliant. #4, and it saves you from the possible future breakup which might have resulted if he said something intelligent to score her digits. But, question, don't almost all cashiers smile? Regardless if they're cute or not?

LOL flirting FAIL XD i bet shes gonna post an FML soon: Today a guy came into my store and when i said 'hello, how're you?' he immediately said he was gay. FML' now she has low self confidence!! XDD

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