By Deaf / Thursday 2 July 2015 18:59 / United States - San Francisco
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By  pokemyeyes  |  23

???????????????? How much more stupid can these so-called "teachers" get?!

  SuperCasual  |  13

Please don't comment ever again

  mswhatever  |  18

Just stop. Please never comment again. Thank you.

  piiiiiou_fml  |  12

It´s the generalization that is wrong. Teacher is not an easy job and less and less respected.

  Beccag7  |  14

Idk. I have a pair of black earbuds that hook around the ear so they don't fall off when I'm running. They have been mistaken for hearing aids before, too. Maybe that's what the teacher mistook them for.

  mexican_music  |  13

It was just a misunderstanding

  winniec  |  8

Why do you automatically assume that the principal is a girl?

  Beccag7  |  14

Actually, it is very annoying in professional writing to not establish a gender. Even if you're wrong, it is better to say "she said," instead of "they said." At least according to my freshman year English teacher, who would knock down a letter grade if a gender wasn't established. Weird stuff

  tj4234  |  35

#4 Definitely. Just kidding

  QuaDECH  |  13

Looks like my evil plan of making my ear buds look like hearing aids won't work.

By  igotds  |  16

Were your hearing aids made by Doctor Dre?

By  Silk_Routes  |  14

Put them in their mouth

By  devildog562  |  33

Next time they are talking turn them earbuds off and keep on doing you . How ignorant can people be ?. My question is why didn't you just tell them they were hearing aids? If you did and they still sent you , they need to have have a write up.

  Kikiers21042  |  18

Right!? If she was my daughter (I'm hard of hearing so I understand) I would be furious and bitching the school out. In America teachers get letters letting them know that this kid is hard of hearing or deaf this teacher must not like her.

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