Today, I was relaxing at home while my boyfriend played with his hamster. After a while of silence, my boyfriend came over and put his fingers next to my face. Trying to be cute, I stuck his fingers in my mouth and sucked on them. Turns out he was trying to show me how bad hamster pee smells. FML

By Anonymous / Saturday 22 October 2011 06:10 / United States
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By  laurabev  |  8

Why would you suck on his fingers??

By  laurabev  |  8

Why would you suck on his fingers??

  sakforduc  |  0

Uhhh why not?

  YourEvilHero  |  12

there are so many funny fmls as of late

  zombicidal  |  11

isn't pikachu mouse pokemon


What'd you use? Manic panic? I used infra-red to put the assassins creed logo on the back of my kitten so if anything happens it's easier to pick him out. Oh and his name is Ezio(ezzy) so that helps too XD.


Or OP does at least, I wonder if she sucks other things...

By  hipsterteen  |  7

Your boyfriend, how old is he exactly?

  JustTemporary  |  24

as did I.

By  whorerhorror  |  6

um, gag me.

  marpay  |  11

Some people think its reminiscent of sucking a penis and it gets them hot. I've never understood why, but it is what is is.


It IS cute. I know it doesn't sound that way but it is. I've done it. But it wasn't a wise idea to do it after he was playing with a hamster..

By  ryukk_fml  |  3

Did it taste as good as it smelled?

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