By y0uw1shy0ukn3wm3 / Friday 9 October 2009 05:48 / United States
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slap that b***h back for making a fool of you! how the heck are you supposed to know who her grandfather is?


Slap her back for taking a stand for her grandfather? you guys are idiots that would never do that in real life.

By  RR05

haha that's briliant. your probably right though, old people make terrible referees

Slap the bitch back! It's not your fault her Grandpa is rubbish, slow and old. Or you should have said "Hey, don't go blaming me because you can't handle the truth"

Well, you could have kept the comments to yourself. But on the other hand, that girl sounded way too uptight. Yeah, you didn't really deserve it. FYL. :D

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