By ReboundGrl / Monday 23 May 2016 18:44 / United States - Las Vegas
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By  ssnow_fml  |  30

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  Bibliovore  |  30

Maybe you've tried to make your ex jealous, but if that's your main focus when you're with someone else, you're clearly not yet ready to commit to a different relationship.


Doesn't sound like it was this guy's main focus though. Yeah, it was stupid and insensitive to do it, but this is after a few dates. So unless he was doing it all along, he must have had other reasons to date OP.

By  Bluepies  |  45

Might not be what you think it is. Maybe he's decided he likes you so much he's definitely found something better, and if it was a rough breakup or he was cheated on, maybe he kinda wants to rub it in her face (c'mon, we've all felt that way). If he only wanted a picture of a pretty girl, that would've happened on the first date, not the third or fourth.


Today, I told the guy I have been sort of dating that I want to connect emotionally before sleeping with him. He told me that he already had an emotional connection with his fiancée and was only interested in sleeping with me. FML

By MenSuck - / Tuesday 1 September 2009 03:56 / United States
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