By Username / Friday 5 November 2010 22:02 / France
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By  mrahhhhh  |  17

You're her territory. She will protect you from other little kids who try to pee on you. Barking is completely normal and should be expected from her.

  Xx_jESSii  |  3

I feel your pain Op this happened to me a couple of weeks ago but instead it was my niece, she's only 1 but while sitting on my lap she managed to pee all over my leg. :(

By  suppressed08  |  2

I hardly find that fair (not because it's an achievement). A comment is meant to inspire someone to agree or disagree, and I write a nice long thing with multiple opinions, and it deletes it and first comment gets 'lawlh'..


Today, while at work at Wendy's, a lady came through the drive-thru with her kid. As I was handing them their order, her child points to me and exclaims "mommy, I thought you weren't supposed to work at places like this when you get older". FML

By Frosty - / Monday 6 April 2009 07:13 / United States
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