By Heather - / Thursday 4 March 2010 12:49 / United Kingdom
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Sometimes you can't pick who live with. I was renting a room from someone once when he decided to rent out another one of his rooms to a drunk whore who brought any guy up to her room while her 1 year old ran around breaking things and crying. Would I have chosen to live with her? Not in a million years.


agreed with 27!!! This kitchen joke was: 1st time: Annoyingly dumb 2nd time: not remotly funny 3rd time: wants to kill person who posted it ... wait, it's always been all three of those! ugh!!

YDI for having a useless, alcoholic housemate. I find it hard to believe that you couldn't find anyone else to share a house with. Also, YDI for not stopping them before they walked down the stairs. Good grief.


They probably didn't realize that the person was an alcoholic until it was too late. Typically, when you move into a place you sign a lease, and breaking that (by kicking them out) can end up costing you a ton unless they break the lease first.

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