By wrongcar / Tuesday 3 November 2009 18:00 / United States
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You could take it to court. Cop cars have a camera in the front windsheild and you could prove it wasnt your car with the license plate.


i care. and i happy for you. not everyone gets a chance at being first. congratulations. as for the fifth person... better luck next time?


Unfortunately, it's the OP's word against the cop's, and everyone knows that cops are infallible gods among men.

So the cop got make and model but not licence plate. Grounds to fight it surely. Any traffic cameras that might have caught the other guy?

Yup, cop said you did it, so obviously you did it. No way around it. Fuck police. Take it to court.


Number 11 - "YDI for living in a country like that :D" he deserves it because he lives in the united states of america? youre pathetic him living in the united states has nothing to do with it... go jump off a bridge. now seeing that youre from "Germany" YOU would say some shit like that pffft nuff said cum bubble.

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