By Anonymous - / Monday 1 February 2010 07:34 / United States
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dude it really depends where the game is. i played a game out in the middle of nowhere several hours from home and we went there in a bus. that game i broke my nose busted open my eyebrow and got studded in the arm. I kept playing till the end and waited till we got home to see anymore professional help than the blokes on the sideline. i rkn the op's a wuss and should probably play a game a bit softer. possibly netball?

Yikes. Thats very poor show from your friends. Get some payback next time from whoever tackled you at least. Also take some comfort in the fact that you at least play a real mans game unlike some other ballgames where they kick it with their feet. ;)


rugby is not just for gays. stop being a stupid prick. and yes rugby has been played in the state for awhile...


wow so original. I play on a girls rugby team and not one of us is gay and on our boys team not one of them is gay either. grow a fucking brain and stop hating in people who are different from you.

Did you actually ask anyone for a ride? And who would want to spend hours and hours waiting in the ER so they could drive you back?

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