By Anonymous - / Tuesday 18 June 2013 16:16 / United States - Mansfield
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  TrueTriage  |  16

He was just a man with his will to survive without something bad happening

By  andrekrivo  |  20

oooh myyyy this sucks sooo muuch... so what if you didn't get to finish? it's not like that was your last time or anything...

By  young_weezy_fml  |  3

are you sure she wasn't laugjing at your manhood?

  Megan639  |  16

Are you sure you spelled "spelled" right?

  MisterEx  |  28

47) Are you sure about your geographical/regional knowledge? Because according to a recent study, there is actually another place on planet earth than where people have actually invented the language you are currently spewing?

Excuse my grammatical mistakes and also, please accept my apology as what I stated above was phrased in an unneeded mean Internet tone.

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