By Anonymous / Thursday 25 August 2011 21:17 / United States
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By  lovepink_66  |  3

Ask yourself that hun

  luis_r96  |  4

I wuldve beat her up too

  DoWorkBro  |  4

Well now a days kids in elementary school get in trouble for bringing peanut products to school.

  marinus_fml  |  19

#28 what's your point? I'm sure that's only to schools with students highly allergic to nuts.

In my school we had a girl so allergic that even the smell of it sent her into anaphylactic shock.


If someone else picked up my stuff, I would go chasing them down the street because that purse had my fun and badge!
$0rry about the comment before, it was a typo.

  cradle6  |  13

131-Yeah, and I just came back from Israel where it was about $10 a gallon. Americans have it pretty well with gas prices compared to rest of the world.

By  lmBobSaget  |  0

Thats what u get! Since when are people nice

  Zero22120  |  12

Old people are crazy, they never have any idea what's going on. Watch an old person walk into a line and you can go ahead and add at least another 5 minutes more than normal.

By  trollsemen  |  8

Say "this has what the world has came to!!!" and then pull her wig off.

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