By Anonymous - / Saturday 24 December 2011 02:49 / Australia
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By  moop256  |  10

I fuckin hate you and that qoute >:(

By  kickazz16  |  15

Don't start things you can't handle. It's common knowledge you don't mess with people like that. Just take experience from this.

  superguppy19  |  3

How about shove that arrow up ur ass with a cool story hoe while your at it

  jets4  |  0

People don't post this for advice guys

  ummiforget  |  0

Today, while at the bar, I was trying to pick random fights with people. The someone told me, "I used to be tough like you. But then I took an arrow in the knee." Next thing he knows, he has a broken nose. FTW. Btw, the meme says "in the knee" and has a period after "you". I'm perty smart, ain't I?

By  moop256  |  10

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  lolman222  |  0

210 - You're 16 years old. I believe that is illegal in any state in the US. The people who talk about their sex life on the Internet usually are making it up anyways.

  cosmosis  |  12

4- i agree 100% mate... If anyone was dumb enough to use the arrow to the knee comment as a joke to calm me down. I would ram an arrow in their knee and see just how fucking funny it is

  Jiplo  |  18

To take an arrow to the knee is actually slang for getting married. If you think about it, you kneel when you propose to someone, and would likewise if you were shot in the knee.

  MrSassypants  |  31

It is actually not that impressive. I don't mean to sound offensive but just because you couldn't catch it doesn't mean someone else can. Wow, still sounds offensive. Well go back and read my comment in a Donald Duck voice, hopefully that helps. I get what you mean about the mentally thing though. Our minds came with autocorrect when we were born. Like for instance when someone tries to speak like Yoda, sometimes don't notice I. I have to read it again to notice.

Tl;dr? Yeah it was kinda boring.

By  NotsoobviousTrol  |  5

I used to say things like that then I took an arrow to the knee

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

96, that's an odd way of doing it, personally I'd knee the arrow. Eh, must be from Canada, odd place up there, moose with tiny brains and hockey players that have a tendency to kill people. See down here it's the other way around apparently. The border, it would seem, acts as a mirror

By  YtotsDI  |  0


  xcarxcrashx  |  9

Gurgs, is your first day on the internet honey? Just recognize that so many people on FML take it all waaaay too seriously. I think you're trying to be a grammar nazi but your trying to be polite about it which is just making you look silly. No need to correct people on here. It just starts stupid pointless arguments.

By  JustStella  |  28

Ugh, Youtube all over again...
LOL, Still an over-reaction.

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