By Fattymuch - / Wednesday 14 September 2011 14:27 / India
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By  bcan  |  3

You can't lose weight while eating that way

  fthislyfe  |  22

It depends on the person. Genetics play a big role here. Also, the amount of fat cells each person has, depends on how he/she was fed when they were born and a few weeks after. Also, what their mothers ate when they were pregnant is very important. Thyroid gland is also very important. There are a lot of factors. Not just eating...

  SemperFi_23  |  6

Weed brownies are even more amazing!! :D

By  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

Was it a 'special' brownie?

By  DjeePee  |  24

I think you will easily find ways to lose weight, even without the internet.

  leadman1989  |  15

What she should do is stick the brownies on a stick and then have someone tie that to her forehead. Boom hit by a car after chasing the brownies into traffic.

By  i_love_grrr  |  0

Ha ha fatty! Just stop eating! :D

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