By Bucko321 - / Monday 30 March 2009 01:18 / Canada
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  aiden0515  |  0

oh what r those celular devices caked again oh yeah cell phones

By  Jimboom  |  11

It's ok. If you only realised your dad was listening when he coughed you may be in the clear. He may have picked up the phone to call a sex chat line and thought the phone had connected him straight away. Otherwise if you have a younger brother blame it on them calling a sex line or something. Deny everything. Oh yea and next time actually use your brain and use a cellphone.

By  Blanadestroyer  |  0

Calling your father "impolite" for overhearing your conversation would be slightly inappropriate. The fact is he's a creepy pervert. In case he has some dumb questions or witty remarks about it, tell him you do it on a regular basis and if he wants to listen to you talking dirty again he has to pay you like all the other guys...

By  Nate_87  |  0

Did it ever occur to anyone that the OP doesn't own a cellphone? Or her family is too poor to get cellphones for the entire family? Cellphones are dumb anyhow. They cause too many accidents, annoy the hell out of people around them... I could go on...

  pinkdottedbow  |  0

If the OP doesn't have a cell phone, then chances are she's not old enough to be doing this with a boyfriend, and should use somas common sense before using a shared landline to say things like that.

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