By Bucko321 - / Monday 30 March 2009 01:18 / Canada
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It's ok. If you only realised your dad was listening when he coughed you may be in the clear. He may have picked up the phone to call a sex chat line and thought the phone had connected him straight away. Otherwise if you have a younger brother blame it on them calling a sex line or something. Deny everything. Oh yea and next time actually use your brain and use a cellphone.

Calling your father "impolite" for overhearing your conversation would be slightly inappropriate. The fact is he's a creepy pervert. In case he has some dumb questions or witty remarks about it, tell him you do it on a regular basis and if he wants to listen to you talking dirty again he has to pay you like all the other guys...

Did it ever occur to anyone that the OP doesn't own a cellphone? Or her family is too poor to get cellphones for the entire family? Cellphones are dumb anyhow. They cause too many accidents, annoy the hell out of people around them... I could go on...


If the OP doesn't have a cell phone, then chances are she's not old enough to be doing this with a boyfriend, and should use somas common sense before using a shared landline to say things like that.

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