By Anonymous / Thursday 10 February 2011 20:06 / United States
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Why were you chomping away on a piece of gum while on a professional phone call in the first place? Why are you chewing gum in the lobby where new clients get a first impression of you and the company you work for? Both are incredibly rude to your clientele and completely unprofessional. Absolutely your own fault.


That happened to me butb replace the setting with school, the gum with a cheeto, and the customers with my then bad boy crush. It was quite awkward and I kept hearing him and his friends talking about cheetos for the next few days.


Today, daylight savings is on the way. Two years ago, I planned to propose right before the time change, all to have an extra hour of "the best day of my life". Now I have an extra hour to remember how distinctly single I still am and how awful she was. FML

By TheSadPupper - / Wednesday 2 November 2016 15:17 /
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