By kingpig - / Thursday 2 February 2012 18:00 / Sweden
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  AyeTee77  |  18

LOL, this actually made me laugh. I may just have to do this next time on a date if I don't like the girl.

  bri_maselli  |  0

I see what you're saying (: although, it would still be a unique story to tell. " dude, you wouldn't believe that the bitch gave me a swift kick to the dick.." not many can say they've had a dick kick :0 haha

  periwinkle95  |  10

I don't understand how anybody in the world could ever deserve this. That is just so sad. OP, you will find true love. Trust me.

For the rest of the douches like that guy: Fuck them all.

By  tr0llz0r  |  0

Surprise! You got dinner for one.

  wironandine  |  8

$500 number 3 is a virgin.

  BrickWalls  |  2

White Vans are fugly.

  Awesomeelliot  |  11

No they dont

  efro4472  |  1

Gtfo you are retarded. I agree with 38

By  ljbgamer  |  1

Aww why did you wait so long?

  ryanross  |  11

OP probably really liked him. I know if I went on a date with a crush, I wouldn't give up after 10 minutes of him/her not coming back. Must really suck though, I'm sorry OP.

By  batummshakalaka  |  1

But it was a surprise...

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