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28 . are you retarded ? she was at her boyfriends house for the night . she wasn't gonna wear the same underwear for 2 days , dumb ass

Sorry that happened to you, but the image of chick on the bus going commando makes me hot!


You mean like Sarah Palin? Cut out her vocal cords and she'd be the perfect woman! Rawr!


What does the accent have to do with anything? He was simply stating that the perfect woman wouldn't be able to talk lol


Not exactly, thrasher or drifter, I don't have a problem with her accent, it's the content of her speech that turns me off. I can't get a boner from a woman who believes in "death panels!" I guess she couldn't be perfect, because a woman who can speak well can add to her attractiveness.

By  awks

man that really sucks 1. it's gross because your bleeding everywhere 2. you have to pull out your underwear in front of everyone (; ̄ェ ̄)

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