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Well that's a stupid reason for why they deserve it. Really? When you gotta go, you gotta go. A more appropriate YDI would be, "Oh, YDI for not paying attention and checking to make sure it was on mute".

So does this mean they heard you do your business as well? I think it'd be great if you were overly gassy

I once worked with a guy who audibly wiped! I'd be at the urinal or the sink and I could still hear him going to town on his ass. His asshole must have been so clean you could eaten dinner off it! I'm sure your colleagues would have loved to have heard that!

"while in the bathroom with all the important people in my district." YDI for crappy sentence structure.


What? Are you the grammar police now? You're going to say they deserve it for not using a more intelligent sentence structure?

Uh, of all the places to take an _important_ conference call you chose the bathroom. Its a funny story, but I don't see how you didn't deserve it.

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