By whatsmccraken - / Thursday 10 September 2009 12:37 / Taiwan
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Today, I was on a 12 hour trans-Atlantic flight overseas. The guy beside me asked the flight attendant where this rancid smell was coming from. I started laughing and told him "Sorry, something I ate is not agreeing with me." This was hour 1 of the flight. MLIA

By  plexico  |  8

What? He didn't bring enough rotten, contaminated, vomit- and diarrhea-inducing slop to share some with you? What a pig! The belch that comes from digesting rotten beef smells like the gates of Hell -- or parts of New Jersey.

  the_stereotype  |  33

haha, and then whoever was sitting next to the bathroom would have to smell THAT for the rest of the flight. but hey, at least there wasn't a baby with a possible ear infection. they'll smell AND then they'll scream and cry about it for the rest of the flight.

By  movies12  |  10

Move to a different spot. Or just deal with it, but I would do the first one, cause if that was me I would not be able to sit thru a flight with 11 MORE hours.

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