By whatsmccraken - / Thursday 10 September 2009 12:37 / Taiwan
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Yeah, and that's the amount of time elapsed out of TWELVE hours. 12 - 1 = 11. Eleven hours is a good while to gag on someone's gas fumes.


Did you not read the FML? It's a 12 hour flight. That as just in the first hour. Intoxicunt, for some reason that made me laugh. Thank you. (:


Today, I was on a 12 hour trans-Atlantic flight overseas. The guy beside me asked the flight attendant where this rancid smell was coming from. I started laughing and told him "Sorry, something I ate is not agreeing with me." This was hour 1 of the flight. MLIA

What? He didn't bring enough rotten, contaminated, vomit- and diarrhea-inducing slop to share some with you? What a pig! The belch that comes from digesting rotten beef smells like the gates of Hell -- or parts of New Jersey.


haha, and then whoever was sitting next to the bathroom would have to smell THAT for the rest of the flight. but hey, at least there wasn't a baby with a possible ear infection. they'll smell AND then they'll scream and cry about it for the rest of the flight.

Move to a different spot. Or just deal with it, but I would do the first one, cause if that was me I would not be able to sit thru a flight with 11 MORE hours.

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