By Promo girl / Thursday 22 January 2009 22:35 / Australia
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By  mavrick1915  |  0

It probably has a high pay grade and you have a chance to make more money which is why they call it a promotion bullsh** but that is how it works sometime. You should demand some sort of raise or something

By  NightElfGod  |  0

i worked in a retail store and i got a promtion twice. my only boss in the store was are general manager, not even the regular managers could out speak me. yet i was making less then the lowest job at our store.


Today, I got a letter in the mail from corporate saying that I'm being demoted because I don't work enough hours. I also got a text from my boss congratulating me on making the best sales numbers for November. FML

By nikkih_06 / Thursday 4 December 2014 05:20 / United States - Chula Vista

Today, one of my bosses said, "You're going to take this as an insult, but it's not. At a certain age, women are supposed to cut their hair short." I have long hair. My bosses have all of the social skills of the guys from Big Bang Theory. FML

By Irreverend - / Tuesday 23 July 2013 04:23 / United States - Mchenry
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