By dancincherrychic / Sunday 25 October 2015 19:00 / United States - San Francisco
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By  BeenIt  |  5

Awww hope you feel better. Assyming you didn't bleed all into them, were the chips good tho? I fucking love sweet potato chips. I may be addicted!!


Surprised this got so many negative comments lol I had already moved most of the chips to a different bowl and cut the rest with a regular knife...I love sweet potato chip as well buttttt idk if they are worth this literal pain ?

By  8Dirty1  |  24

smoke a dubee


Nothing wrong with smoking to relieve anxiety if you can handle it and not be a lazy piece of shit. But I wouldn't suggest smoking after something like cutting off parts of your body, cause if I'm in pain and I get stoned, all I can do it think about the pain and it makes it so much worse. Weed is not the answer to everything, dude.

  8Dirty1  |  24

I have a job and a daughter that doesnt stop me from being a loving and responsible person it just means I am human and id rather kill stress and pain without popping a pill. Enjoy the health benefits of weed just remember if you're a whiny sissy stop complaining

By  PandaSmile  |  24

Alright Sweetie Pot calm down. You put veg in pies not humans

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