By peterpan - / Tuesday 23 February 2010 12:54 / Germany
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  Malinkrot  |  3

Cthulu is The Person Who Cant Take a Joke of the Day! That guy at work who has a hissy fit if you joke around with him! The guy at school who no one bothers to tell a funny story because he never "gets it"!

  kikiface  |  1

#9, if it was a fml about a woman backing her car into a tree, inevitably there would be comments made by men about female drivers. the double standard is where the REAL sexism hides. yes, it was irony, but if you're not smart enough to understand that in the first place i doubt you'd understand any further explanation i could offer you. i'll just let that one go

  pendulum2012  |  0

All the guys here who are bitching about a little joke are the kind who get rejected by females all the time in real life (for either acting creepy or weird) and then come on the internet to whine about women and feel better about themselves. So don't worry too much, #3 and #23, because the guys who try to be badasses here are the pathetic loners in real life.

  sasonzal  |  4

sorry last one was sumbited to early I ment to say your hot but an avrage bitch,if u were in the kitchen all day like u claim girls should you'd say it's shovenistic that u just cook n cry how u don't have a career n u gave up your old career just for that n u feel unapriciated then divorce your husband n take half he's things

By  Apotheosis5267  |  0

This is why only WOMEN should be in the kitchen, making me a sandwich ;[

  shadaboo2014  |  0

make o own damn sammich foo! lolerrrz larry:MAKE ME A SAMMICH HARRIOT!! harriot:GET UR LAZY BUTT OFF THE COUCH N MAKE UR OWN SAMMICH!! larry:I DONT KNOW HOW! harriot:O OK SUX FOR U CUZ IM LEAVIN U FOR A MAN WIT A JOB BYE LARRY!!!! larry:WAT harriot:(slams door) larry:hello?...helloooooo?

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