By Anonymous - / Monday 2 November 2009 05:40 / United States
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  Reyo  |  2

Women: Why is it that you must flatter yourself by thinking that EVERY guy on the street wants to do something to you? This reminds me of the guy who tried to return someone's wallet, but the bitch "thought he was hitting on her" so she gave him a false name. Seriously...

  quarty165  |  0

It's not an issue of flattery; it's an issue of safety. Rape isn't about sex; it's about power. When I stop hearing that 1 in 4 women will be assaulted before the age of 18, and 1 in 2 will be in college, 1 in 6 in a lifetime, maybe then I won't be so afraid to walk down a street alone.

  popoman  |  0

How do your statistics work, quarty? Shouldn't the percentage of women assaulted in a lifetime be greater than the percentage of women assaulted before their 18th birthday?

If she seemed to avoid you for half a block (and I'm assuming she didn't give you directions), isn't that a sign that you won't get directions? Why the hell would you follow her for that long asking questions?

  quarty165  |  0

Honestly, the 1 in 6 was just repeating what everyone else said on this site, but the 1 in 2 in college and 1 in 4 before 18 came from rape seminars I had to attend for school.

And it's not like I think it's the op's fault. The woman was being stupid, no doubt about it. There's definitely a line between paranoia and safety, but I'm just saying we don't think every guy wants to have sex with us.

  WhEaTgRiNdEr  |  0

why is everyone scared shitless of everything nowadays?!? i guess because th weak minded inbred sheep cant help but fall for the govts propaganda and fear mongering. its really important that you be paranoid and afraid of everything "yes we can" be a victim. when your all dead ill laugh at your fate, because you were too weak to survive, and i was too strong to be taken out like a dumbass

By  frictiontofire  |  0

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  BlueberryPies  |  0

Ah yes, the poorly veiled misogyny routine is SO imaginative. If anything, what you've succeeded in doing with this comment is proving that men are, typically, morons & that women are, usually, very intellectually superior, & by asking a woman for directions over a man, the OP made probably the most intelligent decision of his life.

Suck it.

  WIDRR  |  0

#5's comment is so true. #41 stfu women are not smarter than men, i dont really have any statistics but i know in my physics c class in high school the ratio of guys to girls is 15:1 my calc class is about 4:1 etc. its just a fact that they arent

  RuralNinja  |  0

No, he asked a woman out of desperation, which ended up being a horrible mistake, as women generally have a poorer sense of spacial orientation than men, which results in a poorer ability to both recall and give directions.

  damn_man  |  0

You know a single 'misogynistic' comment from one guy who is clearly joking doesn't actually prove anything, much less the intelligence level of himself, let alone of the 'typical' man. Nor does it prove anything of women. I could just as easily say that your comment proves the arrogance of the 'don't-need-a-man-independent-forever' woman. Therefore the only grounds you have to tell men to 'suck it' is an unstable, overemotional argument based against a comment meant as a joke. There was no poorly veiled misogyny there, rather obviously faked (and possibly satirical) misogyny.

By  KingAfter  |  0

so you asked her and THEN she attacked you? or did you just chase her with the notion to ask her and she had no clue? because if you did ask her, she's just a paranoid psycho bitch, for not answering and running away. or did she answer and you just stalked her for fun? xD
anyways, FYL being lost and then getting peppersprayed must suck...

By  Sappheyes  |  0

Why did you chase her? True, it's a little odd for her to get that scared, unless perhaps it was nighttime and in an unsavory area of town. Still, I don't think you should chase a person who seems to be avoiding you. You're kind of asking for trouble. You didn't deserve to be maced, though. So both FYL and YDI?

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