By shitty shit / Tuesday 26 May 2015 15:40 / United States - Carmel
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Exactly! I told everyone that I drank poison (I mispronounced the name of the drink), OP thought she was pregnant.... ahhh childhood. Anyways OP, FYL that must have been hella awkward.


My weird childhood story is that I had chicken pox, some of which were on my penis, and the medicine was incredibly similar to something I loved: Cream cheese. So I'd run around giggling like, "I put cream cheese on my penis!"


I also got the sex talk in kindergarten, it wasn't awkward, it was horrifying! Awkward is not really possible at 5 years old. 15 years old yes, but 5 is too young to really feel that mix of embarrassment and curiosity at that level. I mean we are still running aroung laughing at medicine on on penis with no shame at all ;-) right #41?

By  ThatOneChick856

I'm honestly having a hard time finding the FML in this. It's a cute/funny story that a lot of people have from when they were little; so what? It's something to giggle at and then move on!

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