By disturbed2103 - / Thursday 9 July 2009 00:07 / United States
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By  blackscent  |  0

if you think your moms ugly..
your probably ugly to...


By  sunnyshines  |  0

pwned. i was first. diaf. oh and btw, it's 'you're'.

  sunnyshines  |  0

*aren't. and DIAF and BTW are accepted internet slang, if you knew absolutely anything. Don't criticize my grammar if you can't SPELL. It seems everything I spelled was spelled correctly. Moron. I could write 2 pages on why you shouldn't have even written that comment, but it'd be a waste of my time.

  SilverBallet  |  0

Thanks, Sunny. We need people to defend the poor English language. X3 And I mean that sincerely.

In any case, OP, it could have been worse. It could've been your dad in a wig.

  sunnyshines  |  0

Yeah, but you get criticized for using good grammar and punctuation. It's the dumbing down of American society. God forbid someone know how to spell. I assume most people think proper spelling and grammar are overrated, because they can use spell check. The ironic thing is, spell check works in my browser. Although I went to private school so I don't really need it to spell properly. The downfall of most societies is ignorance.

  carmoniam  |  0

"Although I went to private school so I don't really need it to spell properly. The downfall of most societies is ignorance."

I go to public school. Strange, I can still spot a sentence fragment when I see one. "Although" is a superfluous word in this case, and it's not always synonymous with "but".



Who gives a damn if someone spelled something wrong? Damn, grammar nazis are so damn annoying. AND who really gives a fuck if you're "first"? THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF COMMENTING ON PEOPLE'S FMLs!

OP, sucks for you. You should tell your mom that she looks better without the wig ;)

By  deathbunny256  |  0

I just think its weird that you spent ten minutes looking at a picture of your friend's dad with an ugly hooker. I bet after ten MORE minutes you realized it was your grandma in a wig who looks a lot like your mom.

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