By Canuckster - / Sunday 10 July 2011 21:41 / Canada
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  DDamian  |  0

Your sister must be blonde.

  goshpeople  |  4

Well, I figure no one cares to hear about my sister on someone else's FML, but it just struck me as an amusing coincidence. She's very dark brunette, by the way, but we call her Blondie, for obvious reasons.

  jewfro311  |  0

It IS in Canada... maybe he did!

  Orcina1  |  3

how do you know OP is a dude?

  alphaskater09  |  9

me and carlos already know about jessie and his little midget friends! i told that bastard it wasent a good idea to hide here! we need to get out of here carlos! now! RUN!!!!!!

  biasedshooter  |  24

why does your sister have a nickname for you based on your penis?... better yet, why has your sister SEEN your penis?!

  6tori6  |  5

" hey guys! oh haha I remember that! haha...GUYS!! HEYY!! IS THIS A JOKE?!? I F*****G HATE YOU! UGH STUPID B*T***S!! I CANT BELIE--ohhh"...*click* "So what's up?"

  LKadrian  |  0


By  kimmy143  |  0

lmfao wow dumbass

  wolflover44  |  5

I'm blonde... And quite frankly I'm quite smart. The actual dumb blonde myth came from when women used to dye their hair with bleach, and it was believed that when they breathed in the bleach fumes that it killed their brain cells. So fake blondes, dumb. True blondes, smart!

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