By Anonymouss - / Thursday 25 June 2015 03:54 / United States
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  Zebediabolical  |  35

I don't full-on shower often in the summer, but that's because I go swimming pretty much every day in the lake and often use the whirlpool bathtub for relaxation. But I use the showerhead to rinse off when I'm finished because I'm essentially sitting in hot skin soup at the end. Besides. Showering every day has been shown to not be any better for your body than showering every other day.

  pinkster2014  |  35

I don't really like to shower. In the winter, it's too cold and I don't even feel like taking my clothes off. And in the summer, it's too hot and showers drain the energy out of me. And plus I'm too lazy lol. But I still shower regardless.

  fjskvivhf  |  35

#33 it's actually worse to shower every day. awful for your skin and hair unless you're taking a cold water shower with no shampoo or soap. it's best for you to shower every 2-3 days. if it's summer or you sweat a lot you might want to do it more for smell reasons but it is completely unnecessary.

  Aimeejasmine  |  28

Unfortunately, people don't realise resisting hygiene is a major symptom of depression. Their father should seek the reasoning for them not showering first, before trying to set them up with OP.

  fmlashl  |  33

lol I think she says especially women because of the female anatomy... it's hotter and wetter therefore more bacteria to grow that showering helps with ;)

  doemetoch  |  25

Maybe that's because, unlike what most Americans seem to think, people don't actually stink when they happen to not feel like taking a shower every day.

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