By furryfriend - / Tuesday 16 September 2014 18:46 / Canada - Calgary
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  Onyxdragon  |  9

I think he just popped, like a zit

By  zdane  |  9

I can only imagine what the dog did to u next

By  JuggaloSimms1441  |  16

Good doggy! Lol wanna treat?...

By  iamatoadkisser  |  15

My cat did something like that.. I just got to where I could walk normal on my sprained ankle and she tripped me and now I'm walking funny again... Sometimes the love of are blessed pets hurts lol

  TheMathMajor  |  26

Cats tend to dart in front of feet sometimes, it's pretty easy for them to trip someone. On an unrelated note, please don't buy savannah cats :( interbreeding domesticated and wild animals is bad for both the cats they breed together, for the hybrid offspring and the for the owner. They are exploited to make breeders money, and there is no others reason to breed a hybrid cat. Hybrid domestic/wild cat breeds are NOT domestic animals and have aggressive tenancies and needs that can't be met from living in someone's home. Okay I'm done with my PSA, sorry guys. That issue just hits me close to home and a lot of people are ignorant about it.

  iamatoadkisser  |  15

I am very aware of inbreeding so I took my time to find a cat that wasn't... Her pedigree goes back 4 generations. She is also one of the sweetest and well tempered cats I have ever had! But I do love the fact that you know your stuff as well!

  iamatoadkisser  |  15

I also know a lot of people with Savannah's and I have never heard or seen a problem their all very sweet but with a lot of energy and people need to remember that... Thank you for your input though

  TheMathMajor  |  26

Yes a hybrid cat can be sweet and sometimes never have behavior issues especially if they are fairly far generationally from the serval. My main concern is for the wild serval that they breed with a domestic cat. It's hard to tell what kind of conditions the breeder keeps the wild cat in (or whoever owns the serval) which have very different needs from a pet animal. People want exotic pets because, yeah, they are really cool animals, but they often don't think about how that serval living in someone's basement and eating cat food isn't getting the life it deserves. Buying savannahs just perpetuates the exploitation of wild animals.

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